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Whether you are starting up your own small, medium or large business, it is quite common that family members are involved.  Working with family is a curse and a blessing, depending on how you approach it.  The thing I like about working with family is that there is no window dressing or political correctness when dealing with each other and if we have a passionate discussion, no matter what, we are able to move past it quickly.  The thing I despise about working in a family linked business is the proclivity to get into heated, passionate discussions at inappropriate times, ie; customers and employees who would rather not see family dynamics in the workplace.  So we are constantly working on that issue and as time goes by, it gets easier to keep business-as-business and family-as-family

Does all of this sound familiar to you? This article from Inc.com could be a valuable assistance to the many small, medium, and large family businesses out there.  Enjoy!
Regards ~  Kris Halterman 

(part of my business experience has been operating a family business with parents, siblings and a spouse for the past 30+ years)

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